Who we are

Piano winery, vine growers since 1940.

The winery from generation to generation has handed down the passion for wine up to today, which takes shape and comes to life in our cellars located in Monferrato in Calosso d’Asti, a small village surrounded by lush fjords of vineyards.

The story of the Piano Family begins in the nineteenth century, with the founder Pietro who bought a small plot. Subsequently his son Dante took up the reins of the company, enlarging the property with new vineyards.

It was his grandchildren Gianluca and Fabio who made a decisive change to the company, with the opening of the first non-company outlet, which established the birth of a chain of sales points in the area, which make the company a truly unique business of this type.
This whole process is today overseen by the fourth generation of the Piano winery, with the great-grandchildren Valentina, Stefano, Simone and Serena, who continue to pass on their passion for wine with the same enthusiasm as their forefathers.

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