Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G.

Vine of medium-high vigour. Its productivity is abundant and sufficiently constant over the years. It is strongly affected by the climatic trend and the characteristics of the soil where it is grown.
The production techniques, initially linked to a consolidated tradition, today highly refined, allow the conservation of the delicate substances naturally present in the grapes and therefore the typicality of this wine.


Grape variety: Moscato.
Berry colour: White.
Exposure: North-West.
Soil: calcareous.
Grade: 5.5% -6%.
Colour: straw yellow with light golden tints.
Bouquet: intense, aromatic, delicate with notes of fresh musk and a range of sensations which is unmatched by any other wine, “…the perfumed wine par excellence”.
Taste: sweet, warm, velvety, fragrant and persistent with a memory of honey, ripe fruit and flowers.
Tasting temperature: 8°C – 10°C.
Excellent with all desserts, shortbread cakes and fresh fruit. Excellent as a break, refreshing during the day.

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