“Desbela” Piemonte D.O.C. Chardonnay

Of French origin, it has successfully entered into the production of Piedmont wines, preferring sandy and tufaceous soils.
From the Chardonnay grapes it is possible to obtain still or sparkling wines; in fact, we produce two versions of Chardonnay: one still and the other lively, called “Desbela”.
The light vivacity of Chardonnay makes it a wine appreciated from the aperitif throughout the meal, up to the desserts.


Vine: Chardonnay.
Berry colour: White.
Exposure: East/South-East.
Soil: clayey, tufaceous, with alkaline PH.
Grade: 11%-12%.
Colour: light straw-coloured, with greenish tints.
Bouquet: delicate, fruity, pleasant and persistent.
Taste: dry, elegant, fresh, light, with the bitterness of almond.
Tasting temperature: 8°C – 10°C.
On the table it is accompanied by appetisers and fish dishes, also appreciated as an aperitif.

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